Breath, performance

«The musicians inhale deeply and repeat certain notes as long as the breath carries them comfortably.»
– Steve Reich

Breath as an important determinant to the musical process. The lung, visualised on the M418M-grid, is being projected in the body to section 4. The respiratory frequency of the projection are picked random, but lie in the set parameters of the full score.

The small shifts in the timing of the instruments in relation to each other, the repetitions, only slowly morphing themselves through small shifts in accent into a new pattern, give the piece its truly beautiful, process-like character. The connection between content and form of the piece that has already been shown and the integration into the further space illustrate the fractal character of the piece as well. It is important for the understanding of the composition, to keep in mind that it fundamentally forgoes using an external conductor. Instead, the conductor is replaced by signals among the musicians themselves. Different variables in this network such as, for example, the breath capacity of the musicians determine the exact course of the process. Therefore, the piece can develop slightly differently each performance or with each new musician.

Breath, installation

Following the ideomotoric effect, we move to a beat or corresponding a movement we registrate. The visitors of this installation experience said tendency to follow a movement, when they watch with the help of a mirror the projected lung unfold itself on their chest.