«The crystal is characterised both by a certain outer shape and a specific inner structure. The inner structure is based on a crystalline unit which represents the smallest group of atoms that features the alignment and composition of the substance. The extent of this unit in space makes up the whole crystal. But despite the relatively limited variety of inner structures, the outer appearances of crystals are unlimited. Crystalline form is itself a resultant rather than a primary attribute. Crystalline form is the consequence of an interaction of attractive and repellent forces and the regular integration of the atom.»
– Edgar Varèse cites Nathaniel Arbiter

Crystals, sculptures

Out of the graphic notations of the bars of section 3A little sculptures have arised. The wireframes of this notation were equiped with planes in a 3D-program and have become closed forms. The transparent acrylic 3D-prints of the size of a palm are exhibited on a light table.