< Morphogen

Steve Reich:
Music for 18 Musicians,
S. 10, Section 1.
Boosey & Hawkes:
Milwaukee, 2000

Morphogen’s interest lies in the translation of musical content to a visual level. Additional focus lies on how the morphing of content through different stages can point the designer to new formal approaches. To the piece Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich a series of sketches was developed that allowed different approaches and tries to unite them. The analogy of crystallisation to the shape and content of the music arose from research into musical history. Utilising a phenomenological approach, the aesthetics of crystals to hard sounds were evaluated and in a structural analysis of the piece, its fractal character was emphasised by crystalline structures. From these experiments, a system resulted how individual bars of the notation can be depicted in space and object. This system in turn initiated the construction of a two-dimensional design grid. Against the background of this grid, new applications can now be developed.

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Red Dot Award: Best of the best 2013

Nominee German Design Award 2015

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